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Jan 1, 2014

The tough, murky English terrain or the clear, exotic Spanish landscape

David LuizCourtesy @Ben SutherlandDownloaded:

David Luiz is at a crossroads in his career with two perplexing choices. The Chelsea defender can either accept the status quo or move on to greener turf. Luiz's career looked bright and optimistic until the arrival of Jose Mourinho. His life at Chelsea took a dramatic twist after the ex-Los Blancos chieftain was anointed as the new Blues' manager in 2013. Luiz, who was viewed as a rising star among the ranks of the club, was reduced to a substitute under Mourinho's reign. Without the Brazilian the Blues probably would never have tasted European and Champions League glory. The shaggy haired Brazilian has and still remains a vital asset for Chelsea. But Ze Mario has rent asunder a career brimming with success. But our protagonist has one last chance, it seems, to rekindle his dwindling career.

 Barcelona had an almost perfect run in 2013 and they still remain at the helm in 2014. But looks can be deceptive. Both Real and Atletico Madrid are very much alive and are steadily zeroing in on the champs. The Catalan club is in a wobbly position at the top of the table. They are one of the best attacking forces in club football today but their defensive barricade looks weak and lacklustre. The club's propensity to keep the ball for lengthy spells of possession means that they are not always on the offensive. Thereby making it mandatory not to lose possession. An abrupt loss of possession would inevitably make way for a counterattack and the defence needs to remain bold, calm and sturdy during troubling times. Here lies Barcelona's one and only flaw and that is why they have been after David Luiz for almost a year.

Luiz's daredevilry on the field and his determination to perform better are what attracted Barcelona's attention. They tried to sign him last year but that episode had failed miserably. It looked like Barcelona was extremely content after signing Brazilian wonderkid Neymar. No doubt, Neymar has been brilliant so far but the fact remains that their defence needs a complete overhaul. With an out of form Carlos Puyol and an inconsistent Gerard Pique, Barcelona's central defence is already in jeopardy. Dani Alves looks pretty good but the tattooed Brazilian can underperform when his club needs him the most. Only Marc Bartra has had a spotless season. 

Our shaggy haired Brazilian defender, who looks somewhat similar to Puyol, is just what the Catalan club needs. His has a tall stocky figure that can be intimidating, his pace is blistering, he can perform some gravity-defying stunts, he can score from impressive lengths, his heading ability is unbelievable and guess what, he can score from free-kicks. All these facets make him the quintessential Barcelona defender. He just needs to sign that transfer paper. 

Jose Mourinho's distrust in him will make life hellishly impossible for Luiz to survive in Chelsea. And the funny part is that Mourinho prefers the clumsy Gary Cahill for Luiz! What a farce! Barcelona needs Luiz and Sandro Rosell should strive hard to sign the Brazilian. The transfer window has opened and there are no more excuses for not signing David Luiz. He might just provide the magic formula Barcelona are desperately seeking. And for a die hard cule like me, what better New Year gift than signing the majestic David Luiz.

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